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Is your business so close to the next level you can taste it?

Has your company plateaued?

Are you ready to make changes to grow?

Investing in your business is the best return on your money.


Reinforcements Have Arrived

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Many businesses want to start by focusing on marketing, but without the proper infrastructure in place, an influx of customers can strain and possibly break your business.

The first step to growth is moving out of Reactionary Mode and into Proactive Mode.

Running around and putting out fires keeps you distracted from finding real solutions and getting ahead in business.  The average small business owner works over 52 hours a week and 1 in 5 work all seven days.

Even if you know what needs doing how can you focus on growth when you are being stretched so thin? 

“If You Always Do What You Always Did, You’ll Always Get What You Always Got…”

Work with Lucas Walker Business Consulting LLC to set up repeatable processes to save time and mental effort.  Free up your resources to implement larger, more important strategic changes.  We have options for all levels of involvement.  Which one is right for you?

  • As Needed Consultation Sessions
  • Consistent Strategic Direction Coaching With Accountability Followup
  • Project Based Hands-On Execution Of Strategy And Tactics


Who Should Work With Us?

LWBC is a good fit for companies that have experienced a plateau in growth.  Hard work will get you far, but not to the finish line.  Instead of clawing for every inch of growth, let us inject new information and skills into your processes.

If you are prepared to implement improvements, the changes occur quickly.

We specialize in growth strategies that reduce friction for customers to purchase from your business.   Each business has unique challenges.  We tighten up operations and processes in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing.


LWBC Mission Statement - Leveraging Opportunities In Springfield MO

An online presence is low hanging fruit for many businesses to expand into.

Does your business have a website?  Social Media accounts?  Are you actually using them and are they making you money?  Do you need help understanding what a Google Adwords Ad even is?  How Facebook Ads work?

With the bombardment of sales pitches from sketchy “experts” it is hard to know who to listen to.  Lucas Walker Business Consulting is one of the good guys, constantly learning and applying the newest best practices.

Sit across the table from us eye to eye and see what you think.  LWBC offers a FREE “Fresh Set Of Eyes” Initial Evaluation to get to know you and your concerns.   We will make personalized recommendations and provide cost estimates once we have a feel for your business.

Our industry connections means no job is too big or small.

But Aren’t Consultants And Coaches Expensive?

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You have already put money into your business.  The paint on the walls will have to be redone eventually.  More business cards will have to be ordered.  The investment you make in yourself is yours forever.

Adding new skills and understanding only makes you a better business owner for this and all future businesses.  Our goal is to provide valuable assistance that will eventually pay you back at least 2 – 3 times what our services cost.

For clients that follow the process, paying for the consulting services isn’t a problem.  The cumulative month to month sales improvements take care of that.

Ready for that Free “Fresh Set Of Eyes Initial Evaluation” yet?

Why This Area?

Lucas Walker Business Consulting LLC is based out of thriving Springfield, MO which was ranked as the number 3 best city in the nation to start a business.

Did you know 98% of the local economy is made up of Small Business?

Money spent at local businesses circulates in the local economy benefiting the entire community.  Locally spent money generates 3.5 times more wealth for the local economy compared to money spent at a chain-owned business.

There is something magical about a city small enough that strangers smile at you, but big enough there is always something going on.

Servicing Springfield and the surrounding areas LWBC equips businesses with the tools, training and strategies to leverage opportunities and accelerate growth.

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Small businesses are where Springfield works, earns their money, and shops.

What better way to give back than the community than optimizing business operations?