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Our Mission

Our Mission


Empower entrepreneurs to live their dream life –

  • A life full of meaning
  • A life on their terms
  • The opportunity to bring forward unique contributions to shape the world.

Developing a business doesn’t have to be a draining experience; it should be an energizing one.

No one ever said business was easy, but it doesn’t have to be complex!

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The Problem?

The problem is the Entrepreneurial Leap Of Faith. This leap is baked into the creation of any new business.

Entrepreneurs who want to start a business only have two choices.


  1. Wait until you feel confident you know everything you will need to know before starting (this is code for NEVER start!)
  2. Decide you know enough to be dangerous and take a leap of faith, hoping you can figure the rest out before landing with a splat.

Fear can be a great motivator, and entrepreneurs do figure out a ton about themselves and how to run a business on the way down.

Will all the pieces come together in time?

This is a risky, stressful approach.

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The Problem?
There Is A Better Way - We Can Help!

There Is A Better Way - We Can Help!


Lucas Walker Business Consulting slows the rapid decent of a business in free-fall and guides progress.  This improves the chances of success and reduces stress.

Established businesses also benefit from our services.  Often they set up business processes during this scary free-fall decent in the early stages and have never taken the time to go back and re-vamp their systems with best practices.

Breathe Easy

  • New businesses – it doesn’t have to be that risky!
  • Established businesses – it doesn’t have to be that hard!

We have helped over 35 companies grow their business since being founded in 2016. Businesses in all stages of development have sought our expertise.

Our first clients were individuals with a dream, and now we have grown to helping organizations with dozens of employees.  We have a soft spot for putting owners on the right path.

Our clients are hard working, ethical businesses with a unique offering to share with the world.

Every single client we work with improves our experience level, perspective, skill and systems.

Are you going to be the next business to take the smoother path?

Reach out today and set up a free Initial Consultation to see if we are a good fit to help you solve your problems!

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Sales Strategies

Sales Strategies

The core competency we offer is improving sales.

We believe that sales should be Client-Oriented. A business should present a compelling reason that their product solves the client’s problem, and allow the customer to buy. Putting a customer in a headlock to make them buy is never the answer for longterm, sustainable growth.

With properly configured profit margins, sales give a business breathing room to solve problems.

Need more time during your entreprenurial free-fall to figure out what to do next?

Sell more products, even out your cash flow, and deploy those funds toward additional growth opportunities.

Sales Strategies

Fundamental Business Skills Training

In the years of helping grow businesses, we have seen a trend repeated time and time again.

Entrepreneurs tend to be experts within their niche but typically have liabilities in the adjacent business skills needed to be successful.

Being great at what you do simply isn’t enough. The technical execution of your skill typically accounts for less than half of the time spent in your business.

Starting a business is a challenge of navigating completely new areas of information. Sometimes “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Other times, you are trying to solve a problem, but realize you need concepts specific to YOUR business and big cookie cutter ideas don’t help.

Guidance on this path can help you avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities in your business.

  • Setting up business entities (LLC, etc)
  • Getting tax ID numbers (EIN)
  • Mission and vision clarification
  • Business models and business plans
  • Identifying product-market fit
  • Pricing structure
  • Basic accounting (cash flow / profit margins
  • Operations manuals (standard operating procedures)
  • Team-building and unification
  • Digital tools (Trello, Google Forms, Mailchimp, …)
  • Managing managers
  • And more…
Business Skills Training
Fundamental Business Skills Training
Decision Making

Decision Making

The core responsibility of the business owner is making business decisions. Almost every other task could potentially be delegated, but not this. Once one decision holds up the entrepreneur, additional decisions can pile up behind it like a traffic jam.

Who do you turn to when you are stuck as a business owner?

  • Your mom: “You’re brilliant, it will all work out fine.”
  • Your sibling: “You are a knucklehead and it’ll never work.”
  • Your friend: “IDK :(“

Having an impartial expert with perspective is invaluable to keep your business moving forward. A company that gets stuck in its decision making becomes stagnant.

Schedule a Guided Inquiry Session today to have experienced consultants help you through your tough decisions.

Business Decisions

Digital Marketing

Our earliest clients had very limited budgets. We learned early how to use guerrilla marketing tactics online to stretch out a marketing budget.

Digital advertising is a great place to generate a return on investment (ROI) by keeping the customer acquisition costs (CAC) low.

We offer…

  • WordPress websites that convert
  • SEO (On page, Local)
  • Google ads and Facebook ads
  • User experience(UX)
  • Sales copywriting
  • Funnel building
  • Content marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Social media strategy

There are two main elements in digital marketing.

The first is conversion. This is the percentage of how well you turn people into customers who are interacting with you online.

The second element is traffic. Once you know a certain percentage of people who land your website will buy (conversion), how do you get people to your site in the first place?

Lucas Walker Business Consulting helps set up strategies to improve conversions and drive traffic while keeping you aligned with the realities of your business.

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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
What Should Client's Expect?

What Should Client's Expect?


Becoming a client of Lucas Walker Business Consulting is a simple process.

Step One

The first step to working with LWBC is a free Initial Consultation.  This brief (15 minute) “get to know you” session is to make sure both the entrepreneur and the consultant are a good fit before going forward.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to coordinate your Initial Consultation and get started!

Step Two

Now that the business owner and consultant know they are a good fit, the next step is an On-Boarding session.  This typically takes a few hours and follows a specific system and methodology.

Think of the On-Boarding session like the teaser of a TV show that lets you know what you missed earlier in the season, which brings LWBC up to speed on your status and future goals.

This session helps clarify where the entrepreneur is in the business currently, where they hope to be, what their skills and personality are, and what resources are available to them.

From the On-Boarding session, we generate an individualized Growth Strategy Plan.

Step Three

This individualized Growth Strategy Plan comes in the form of detailed meeting notes which outline the conversation.

The next recommended steps for the business owner are laid out here.  Included in the plan, are potential business opportunities and risks to be handled.

The client reviews the Growth Strategy Plan and collaborates with the consultant to navigate the next steps.

The next steps

Each Growth Strategy Plan is a roadmap for the next steps in a business’s growth including immediate area’s for development.

The entrepreneur has essentially had an organized approach to their homework dropped in their lap.

Now is the time for execution, and this stage varies based on the individualized plan created.

Every future meeting includes detailed notes to ensure the entrepreneur retains the valuable insight they are paying for, and to improve accountability.


One of the most popular offerings of Lucas Walker Business Consulting LLC is our Accountability Package.

These packages make a great fit for entrepreneurs to schedule to check in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on a set day and time to keep their business moving forward. Many hardworking entrepreneurs find they gain productivity by having an ongoing focus for their hustle.

Each phone call culminates in clarity and is followed up with an email with meeting notes.  The notes include a bullet point of the entrepreneurs “homework” and next steps.

If you’ve read this far, you know you are interested. Why not schedule an Initial Consultation today?

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