Lucas R Walker 417 Think Summit Springfield MOWhen I was first hired on as a car salesman I was actually concerned I wouldn’t make it because of this philosophy.  I didn’t have much experience selling and there was a lot to learn.

Something you don’t hear often enough is that you can sell without being sleazy!

Through daily work though I found that I could easily keep to my morals AND be successful.  This became one of my secrets to success.  Customers were refreshed by the guy who wasn’t like there others and treated them like humans and not “prospects.”

My selling philosophy is that I have a great product.  If I can give you the right information about that product, you will notice that it fits your needs.  Now you are empowered to make an informed buying decision.  All friction to the sale has been removed and it is just time to hammer out the details.

For nearly a decade I was a top sales performer, trained new hires and won sales competitions.  I was ranked in the top 3-5% of salesmen at auto dealerships nationwide.

My goal is to pass on these lessons of customer oriented selling to help businesses inform customers, overcome objections, service their customers, and garner repeat business


Business Development

After leaving my sales position I was recruited to help local businesses grow.Lucas Walker Jiu Jitsu Victory

My first client was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

  •  Doubled enrollment at the Academy
  • Drove organic social media traffic to nearly double the followers
  • Developed processes to scale with the growth
  • Improved profit margins.  
  • The Academy now has a franchised Affiliate with a successful program as well.

I also train students in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a hobby and prepare them for the mental pressures of competing.  The psychology of preparing for an opponent trying to choke you unconscious, isn’t that different than battling fears in the marketplace.

Besides the sales experience I developed, the years of being a computer nerd also paid off.  Web design, social media connections, and digital marketing were all concepts I could leverage.

Quality results were achieved for a CDL School as well.

  • Improved traffic via paid ads on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to capture sales leads.  
  • Revamped the CDL School’s business model, processes, and provided sales training
  • Positioned the Truck Driving school to become one of the highest quality training schools in the area.  
  • They are looking to double their previous year’s profits.


I’m looking forward to helping YOU.

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