Lucas Walker Business Consultant In Springfield, Missouri


Lucas Walker Business Consulting was founded by Lucas Walker in 2016 in Springfield, MO.

Lucas worked in numerous industries growing up and was always fascinated by systems, processes, and puzzles.

When the neighborhood friends wanted to have a lemonade/coffee stand at their garage sale, Lucas helped make sure they had enough inventory, and the profit margin made sense.  Years later, he helped organize a citywide Dodgeball league which brought in people.  Next was organizing a high school “battle of the bands” rock concert.

Lucas Walker And Josh Tomlin At Springfield Cardinals Game

In his Junior year of high school, he lived in Belgium for a year where he was a foreign exchange student and learned to speak French.  He credits living in a foreign land where he didn’t speak the language at first, as a huge influence on the level of empathy in understanding and communicating below the surface with others.

After spending 20,000+ hours in a sales job he knows about both high dollar sales, and high volume sales.  A local business owner sought his help, and as he began offering sales strategy training, he began to notice the other business skills the entrepreneur was lacking.

A consummate learner, Lucas spent months and years learning all there was to learn about running a business in the modern world.  He is consistently learning and developing himself to be able to stay in the service of his clients.

Lucas Walker Headshot Photo With Coffee

Over the past 3 years, Lucas Walker Business Consulting has worked with over 60 local businesses.  From one person with an idea, all the way up to companies with 17 employees who will do just under 2 Million Dollars this year.

We look forward to working with you.  By improving your business, we hope to improve your life!