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Black Friday Special

This Black Friday Special is for new clients to experience the benefits of working with me!

Currently, a month of weekly consulting sessions costs $600. Through the end of November, your first month is half price ($300) when you schedule your first session (can be up to 90 days out) and pay.

What you get

  • Weekly hour-long coaching sessions for one month (x4)
  • Follow up meeting notes with assigned “homework” after every meeting (x4)
  • Accountability check-in every consultation
  • We will focus on YOUR business’s most pressing specific problems and collaborate to design proven solutions that fit YOUR personality

Session Outline

  1. Discovery session – I get to know more about the history of your business and your goals so that future recommendations are aligned with your desires. Major concerns will be outlined here.
  2. Analysis Of Problem Area – This session focused on diving into your major concerns and starting to identify which sub-elements make it up. We identify which elements to focus on to begin improving things and assign homework to start moving the needle
  3. Establish Framework To Understand Problem Area – Review homework and dive in deeper to problem area specifics. Perform knowledge-based training as needed to help build a framework to better understand how to solve the problem. This step will end by taking action to improve the problem.
  4. Evaluate Efficiency Of Solutions And Continue Improvements – Continue solving problem, and review progress made towards its improvement.
  5. End of promo period – Ongoing coaching is recommended to be continued at the regular rate. Typically it takes multiple months for major results and the bigger the problem or more ambitious the goal, the longer the engagement should be.


The current monthly rate for clients is $600 / month for weekly hour-long coaching sessions. This offer is to get half off your first month of coaching ($300). You do not have to sign a contract or anything promising additional months beyond the first.

There are no magic pills. Your business WILL run better after only a single month, but you will be missing out on growth if you don’t stick with it for at least a few months.

Redeem Black Friday Special: Schedule First Session And Pay For First Month

(After clicking on the link, wait for the calendar pop-up to load, then you will be able to select a day and time that work for your schedule and input your payment details to secure the special)

Schedule your first session and pay and then we will schedule out the remaining 3 sessions in person.

No need to bring anything special to your first session, just yourself.

If you have documents or information to help clarify any of your struggles, feel free to bring them.

Note: Offer Ends December 6th. Redeem before then if interested!

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