Putting In The Work - Mastering Content Creation

Putting In The Work – The Importance Of Public…

You have to write 100,000 words before you can write anything of quality. I am putting in my video time currently. Making changes and improvements by doing the work in public.

What have I learned? Since the 1st video I’ve improved sound quality and lighting. Since the 2nd video I’ve improved the staging, lighting, framing, and vocal flow.

Get out there and start creating and building those skills. Don’t worry about being good (just avoid being “bad”) and start improving.

Good luck!

Using Audio Books For Continual Learning

The Power Of Audiobooks

Are you getting 1% better every day?

How do you focus on continually learning?

I have always loved reading and looked down on audiobooks as a lesser form of media for someone without the mental tools to read and extract information on their own. What a change of opinion I’ve had over these past few years though!

For me surprisingly, audiobooks have become a huge part of being able to grow in a time efficient way. I outline the basic system and findings I’ve realized for myself.

?❓Questions❓ ?

❓How do you continually learn and develop yourself?

❓What are some must read (or listen) audiobooks on personal growth, business growth, or strategies that have influenced you?