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  • “A Prescription For Every Business Problem” Podcast – Lucas Walker on The Results Leader FM (Ep.139)
    I really enjoyed my time as a guest on The Results Leader FM Podcast which came out on September 15th 2022. Show highlights include: Why throwing away your steady job is the secret to financial security (2:17) The weird way folding yourself up like a human pretzel accelerates your growth in the world of business…
  • Same Game, New Rules – Adapting To COVID Changes
    This video was filmed at the beginning of COVID but still holds true. Now is the time when adaptive entrepreneurs can figure out how to thrive despite the challenges in the environment. How are you noticing and adapting to the new rules of delivering YOUR business? COVID Key Employee Planning Challenge Early on COVID planning…
  • Proactive Recovery Planning
    While this video first debuted in July, there are so many things that are still applicable in this ever-changing environment and it is worth sharing again. Dealing With Uncertainty In Business As humans (and especially as business owners) we really value stability. We like to feel that we can stay on a steady upward trend…
  • SEO Basics For The Busy Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Want To Be Sold Anything
    Hey! I hope you’re doing well today. I am really excited in this video to share with you the SEO basics for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t want to be sold anything. I bring this up because many people are afraid that SEO is important, almost to the level that they are fearful of not…