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Decision Making

The core responsibility of the business owner is making business decisions. Almost every other task could potentially be delegated, but not this. An entrepreneur can be thought of as a decision-making factory.

Death by a thousand cuts.

For small reoccurring decisions, we recommend setting up systems and processes so they “make themselves.”  The owner has to avoid becoming a bottleneck to progress and also avoid falling into the trap of decisions by abdication.

If an owner can build standard operating procedures and systems into an Operation Manual, the business becomes much more manageable.  This allows the owner more mental capacity to focus on the big problems.

Lucas Walker Business Consulting LLC helps business owners develop their Operations Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).  Contact us if you need help!

Lucas Walker Business Consulting builds out processes and systems and operations manuals

Big decisions

Sometimes difficult decisions can stump the entrepreneur.  The fear of making the wrong choice will paralyze the decision-making process.  Then, business owners procrastinate making a hard decision until they are forced to by the outside world.  

Having an impartial expert with perspective is invaluable to keep your business moving forward. A company that gets stuck in its decision making becomes stagnant. 

Who do you turn to when you are stuck as a business owner?

  • Your mom: “You’re brilliant, it will all work out fine.”
  • Your sibling: “You are a knucklehead and it’ll never work.”
  • Your friend: “IDK :(“

Once one decision holds up the entrepreneur, additional decisions can pile up behind it like a traffic jam.

Business owners can be too close to a problem to make a decision.  Other times the problem sits too close to some of their weaknesses in business.  Sometimes owners even know what they should do but just need a sounding board to feel confident going forward.

We lead a Guided Inquiry Session to ask the right questions to get to the core of the decision.  We dive into what your goals and personality dictate in the situation.  Our outside expertise offers us an informed perspective, and our lack of bias in these decisions helps reflect the entrepreneur’s truth back to them.

Schedule a Guided Inquiry Session today to have an experienced consultant help you through your tough decisions!

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