Same Game, New Rules – Adapting To COVID Changes

This video was filmed at the beginning of COVID but still holds true.

Now is the time when adaptive entrepreneurs can figure out how to thrive despite the challenges in the environment.

How are you noticing and adapting to the new rules of delivering YOUR business?

COVID Key Employee Planning Challenge

Early on COVID planning was about adapting safety procedures to protect both employees and clients. Now, most people have that structure set up and there is another level of planning that needs to be done.

In recent consultations with clients, I have begun reviewing their plan for if a key employee gets COVID.

What would you do if a key member of your business had COVID and could no longer do their job duties as they have been?

Many of the owners I talk to realize that if the symptoms are manageable, that key employee could continue to do most of their work remotely and the business could continue to operate just fine.

But what if that key employee was hit and and found themselves unable to do their duties even remotely for a period of time?

What tasks do your key employees (or YOU!) perform that no one else knows how to do?

Could the business continue to run without these tasks being done?

It has always been a best practice to have systems written down and to make sure there is a structured way that information is handled in order to run a smooth business but this is often a principle that is broken for expediency’s sake.

By mapping out your key employees and how you could manage without them by double-checking your systems you are setting yourself up for protection against potential risks.

Furthermore you are developing systems so that their current tasks are easier for them to get done!

Finally, if some day you hope to sell your business, having robust systems in place that don’t depend on the “talent” of any one member make your business much more desirable to a new owner.

Good luck!