SEO Basics For The Busy Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Want To Be Sold Anything

Hey! I hope you’re doing well today.

I am really excited in this video to share with you the SEO basics for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t want to be sold anything.

I bring this up because many people are afraid that SEO is important, almost to the level that they are fearful of not spending money on this particular area of their business.

Because of that, it can lead to reckless spending which causes lots of problems. Also being so busy this is a whole kind of branch of knowledge that seems to get sort of put into the category of “wizardry” or “voodoo” as opposed to the practical.

So my goal today is to show you a few different tools you can use to measure your current level of SEO also to see as you make different changes within your marketing and other processes how that actually moves the needle or does not.

If you are in the market for an SEO firm, for the money is it actually doing anything or not? So setting a great kind of baseline of data to collect.

I will talk to you about few basics like:

Before much more ado here let’s jump into the screen share…

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I recommended watching the entire 27-minute video above for the important visual cues that go with the content described.

Text here wouldn’t make much sense without seeing the screens being shared.

If you are more of a reader you can view other content I’ve written on the subject of SEO here.).