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Areas Of Expertise

Sales And Marketing

Develop the tools to help buyers understand how you can help solve their problems. This is the foundation of selling without being sleazy.

Time Management

The more efficient you are with your time the more productive you can be during working hours and the more personal time you can protect.

Goal Setting

Gain clarity on which actions to take and which to skip by setting achievable goals.

Financial Mastery

How to set prices, perform basic bookkeeping functions, read a Profit and Loss report, manage spending and income, and make money-informed business decisions.


Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster and can often feel lonely. It will force you to face scary problems head-on. Develop proven tools to deal with this stress.

Risk Management

Transform from reactive mode to proactive mode and start seeing further ahead to prevent future disasters is a key skill to develop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like so much of business, how to find an expert to partner with is uncharted territory.

How to get started?

Schedule a 1:1 meeting so we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. (Click “schedule” on the top navigation bar and you can book directly onto my appointment calendar)

This 15-minute meeting is at no charge. I just want to learn about what problems are giving you heartburn.

If they are things I can help with we can look at the next steps. If not, no problem and we can go our separate ways, or maybe I can refer you to someone more in line with your needs.

What Then?

Assuming we are a good fit, we will set up an initial consultation to get a better idea of the scope of work required to achieve your goals.

From this scope, we can come to an agreement on the terms to work together.

To deliver my service, I typically meet with clients one hour per week where we work on elements of your business to continually move the needle on your desired goals.

Prices & Fees

The compensation varies based on each engagement. Clients can either hire me for a project (i.e. solving one very specific problem) or for ongoing growth. You will always know the rates that apply to any service before being billed.

Business Guidance To Get You To The Next Level

Each level of business growth has its own unique pain point. Save time, energy, and money by collaborating with an expert who has been there and knows the path forward.

Launch Your Business

Trying to figure out what you need to get a business started legitimately? What kind of structure do you need in place for future success? How much should you be pre-planning versus just doing it?

Grow A Successful Solo Venture

You have all the basic structure in place, but you are realizing being good at your craft isn’t enough to guarantee success. How can you increase your income to stay cash-flow positive without sacrificing your quality of life?

Build And Manage Your Team

Are you ready to start scaling your operation by adding leverage? How do you communicate your vision to other people? How do you maintain your quality when you aren’t the one personally doing the work? How do you keep the added expenses of your team from eating up more profit than they are earning you?

Become A Succesful Absentee Owner

You have a team in place but your hand always has to be steering the ship. How can you get to a place where you can trust your business is operating well and continuing to give your customers quality service without being involved in the day-to-day operations? What would your business need to look like to be ready to sell or pass down to a family member?

Practical, Real-World Solutions You Can Implement To Improve Your Life As An Entrepreneur.

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